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Annual: Every 12 months service check and visit £100
​Biannual: Every 6 months service check and visit £150
Net of VAT




      [Planned maintenance package]


Flat cost and rate to survey and at same time service the main access doors to the property. 

This could be on offer and tailored for new contracts for clients, or existing contracts or portfolios.


The service check for doors and security integrity, and stability; IE hinges are strong and fire compliant, security, locks, cylinders, keys, access control, fire safe items, closers are correct and closing safely and so on. We would also provide a detailed report clearly itemising any issues we find. This can then be followed by an estimate or quote on anything that should be dealt with.


We can visit blocks on behalf of property management to survey, rate and review the security of the main CE door and all other access areas.


[Visiting the block site is a great opportunity to provide insight on the security level of the building and log these details for management] 


We have a 40 years track record of keeping property safe and secure in London and could also suggest that if the clients have the survey each year we can pick up on issues before they happen to become a security problem saving emergency cost Etc.


Subscriber blocks or management Co,s would then have 24/7 support through 304secure with a dedicated emergency number. 


Any work would qualify for a *priority same day service and a *10 year guarantee on new works and components installed.

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