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Block Locks & Door Closers

The solution to keep block CE doors safe secure and well maintained 

We install, the best security possible to protect you and convenience you lifestyle.

With keyholding or smart we eliminate security problems.



ilocks can visit blocks on behalf of property management to survey, rate and review the security of the main CE door and all other access areas.


Visiting the block site is a great opportunity to provide insight on the security level of the building and log these details for management.


A free detailed report can be date recorded and sent to both the property management and the residents LTD advising of any security issues and ultimately preventing security problems.  

Door closers are an essential and important part of the building security, replacement closers installed come with a 10 year guarantee on wear and tear.

Yearly service checks, maintenance and reporting is carried out through the programme. 

24/7 cover is provided for doors reported with issues, with a set fee call out in Central London, hourly timed call charge in the rest of the UK.

Check the main CE door plus any additional access points.

Check main CE door, lock components and key cylinders for suitable security rating against burglary or break-in through thrust attack or lock slip.

Recommend and advise on any security plus upgrades that may be required.  


Check the main CE door plus any additional access points for wear and tear of components. 

Check main CE door lock components and key cylinders for wear and tear and damage that comes from ordinary daily use.


Door closer regulator checks and service.

We check the main CE door closer and additional CA closers are working correctly and are compliant under current health and safety rules, recommending installation of correct closer types if required.



Get in Touch

24/7 T 0207 031 5686 - M 07738573247 WA +442081805778

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